Monday, September 14, 2009


Perfectly Phine Wine is a mare produced by Probably Perfect and Phi Slama Jama on our farm. Her arrival was anxiously anticipated. Sometimes it is challenging to see if a mare is pregnant. I wasn't certain so one day I thought I would try a little test. In obstetrics we sometimes do an acoustical stimulation test to make a baby move. Thinking this was a good idea, I stood beside the mare's abdomen and hollerd as loudly as I could. Immediately the little feet and legs could be seen scrambling against the wall of her mother's abdomen. She was in there and kicking. The night she was born she did the most wonderful thing. After she caught her breath and started to hold her head up she called to her mother. Susie called back in a low soft tone. She called again and the mare answered. She began to scramble toward her mother's voice, until she lay under her mothers head where she could be licked dry. They rested together for some time before they both attempted to get up. The struggle for the foal to stand is painful to watch, as it rises and falls many times before it is successful. Then it must eat. Once that is accomplished, the exhausted foal falls clumsily to the floor to sleep again. We raised her to the age of 2 when she was trained to ride and drive and sold to a private party. She has been shown in the Show Pleasure division.

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